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Surface Treatment


Electropolishing is also known as electrochemical polishing or electrolytical polishing and the processing procedure is the opposite of electro anodizing. The workpiece is connected to the positive end and immersed in electrolyte liquid; while the electrical current is flowing it removes the metal particles from the surface as a process.

Advatages after electropolishing:

1. Dull surface is created to enhance anti-corrosion property

2. Even out rough edges

3. Enhancing self-cleaning and decreasing contamination

4. Suitable for complex shaped workpiece

5. Antibacterial property

6. Esthetic


Electropolishing was discovered by French P. A. Jacguet and H. Figour in 1931. By placing copper, nickel, and molybdenum in electrolyte liquid to create the polished surface can apply onto various medical stainless tools, such as surgical tools, surgical drills, acupuncture needle, etc.


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